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9.2 Overall Rating
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Wipeout Pure
Publisher: SCEA
Developer: Studio Liverpool
Game Detail
Today's GU Rank: 1739 of 40963
North America: Wipeout Pure Release Date US Release: March 16, 2005
Platforms: PSP
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Zone Team
Earn Gold medals on all four Zone tracks.
Karbonis Track (Classic)
Earn Gold in the eight (8) Alpha and Beta league courses.
Gallery Art
Choose Profile and then Progress, and press X over any tracks on which you've earned Gold.
New Tournaments
• Beta - Clear Alpha courses with gold standard
• Ascension - Clear Beta courses with gold standard
Craft Classes
• Flash - Complete Alpha, Beta, and Ascension with gold standards.
• Livery - Complete the Ascension Tournament with vehicles from the Flash class.
Livery Mode
Complete the Ascension Tournament in the Flash vehicle class.
Classic Tracks
Earn all gold in each difficulty class to unlock a classic track.

Wipeout Pure for the Sony PSP - Wipeout Pure (Sony PSP Game)
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