Super Monkey Ball
Release Date: November 18, 2001
Publisher: Sega
Developer: Sega
Genre: Action
Platform: NG  GC 
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Story: 5.1
Graphics: 8.3
Sound: 8.5
GamePlay: 9.2
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Sega's Super Monkey Ball rolls to top of retailer wish list as buzz builds for Nintendo GameCube™ launch
SAN FRANCISCO, CA (November 5, 2001) - Sega® of America today announced that major retailers nationwide are placing their bets on Sega's highly anticipated "SUPER MONKEY BALL™" for the Nintendo GameCube™. Top retailer Toys "R" Us recently doubled its orders for the game, citing buzz factor as impetus, and electronics retail giant Electronics Boutique predicts the game will be widely successful based on pre-sale efforts. Marking Sega's official foray into third party publishing as its first game for a next-generation console system, "Super Monkey Ball" offers puzzle/party action like nothing gamers have seen before. Dubbed "one of the highlights of the [Nintendo GameCube] system's launch" by top videogame publication Electronic Gaming Monthly and awarded five out of five stars by Nintendo Power magazine, "Super Monkey Ball" promises to roll off shelves next week. EGM raves: "'Super Monkey Ball' may just be the best party game ever made."

"The launch of 'Super Monkey Ball' signifies a new beginning for Sega and demonstrates the quality content that Sega brings to the table as a third party publisher," said Chris Gilbert, executive vice president of sales, marketing and operations, Sega of America. "Perfect for Nintendo GameCube's demographic, we expect 'Super Monkey Ball' to be a top-selling entertainment title for us this year."

"Based on the very strong pre-sale response we received for 'Super Monkey Ball,' we anticipate the game to be one of the top five titles for the Nintendo GameCube system," said Pete Roithmayr, vice president of merchandising for the videogame division, Electronics Boutique.

In "Super Monkey Ball," gamers can choose to play as one of four adorable monkeys: Aiai, Meemee, Baby or Gongon, in Main-Game, Party-Game and Mini-Game modes. The Main Game features 10 beginner, 30 advanced and 50 expert levels, challenging players to collect play points while racing through outrageous terrains in an effort to reach the goal without falling off the edge. Play points come in handy as they help players unlock hidden Mini-Games including Monkey Billiards, Monkey Bowling and Monkey Golf. Gamers can also try their hands at one of three exciting Party Games.
Released: 11/5/2001
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