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Today's GU Rank: 5034 of 40963
North America: KAO the Kangaroo Release Date US Release: December 11, 2001
Platforms: PC GBA DC
KAO the Kangaroo
Publisher: Titus Software
Developer: Titus Software
Release Date: December 11, 2001
Game Summary
Once again the evil hunter has kidnapped Kao from his beautiful homeland, and made him a prisoner. This Joey isn’t gonna’ take it anymore, and he’s ready to fight back. Armed with his trusty boxing gloves, and mighty tail, Kao certainly packs a hefty punch. Hop, run, slide, and bound your way through nearly 30 levels and battle 16 different enemies in this intense action platformer. Sure a Kangaroo can hop around, but Kao often prefers to snowboard, jetski, parachute, and fly… Now how many other ‘Roos out there can bust those kind of moves? Kao is definitely going to leave a mark when he’s done with Hunter.

KAO the Kangaroo for the Game Boy Advance - KAO the Kangaroo (Game Boy Advance Game)
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