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Game Detail
Today's GU Rank: 5516 of 40979
North America: Taito Memories Release Date US Release: Cancelled
Japan: Taito Memories Release Date JP Release: July 28, 2005
ESRB: (T) Teen
Platforms: NG
Taito Memories
Release Date: Cancelled
Game Summary
Taking advantage of the exceptional features of the N-Gage, one of the first Taito titles will be Taito Memories. Taito, the company which created Space Invaders (which kick-started the whole videogame craze), has reached into its peerless back-catalogue and squeezed three of its classic games onto one N-Gage game card. Namely, Super Space Invaders (which needs no explanation), Bubble Bobble, in which you capture enemies in bubbles and then pop them, and Qix, a simple but addictive puzzle game. Rewind to the golden age of videogames, when things were apparently simple yet utterly irresistible.