Driver Game Cheats / Hints
Release Date: September 11, 2000
Publisher: GT Interactive
Developer: Reflections
Genre: Racing
Platform: PC 
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Story: 7.3
Graphics: 6.3
Sound: 8.0
GamePlay: 8.3
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Game Cheats Cheat/Hint Count: 5
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Game Main Game Cheats
Cheat mode (Various Cheats)
Enter one of the following names at the high score screen to activate the corresponding cheat function:

Fast cars - NJW280172
No police - WAC271074
Invincibility - RUS3L
Credits - TMR300866
Overhead view - N3WJ0rk
Skip interviews - P7ttyRz
Take a ride mode car select - We4rrqdz
Start as wanted person - ANJW16696
Note: You cannot access any high scores achieved in the driving games when cheats are enabled.
Driving on the sidewalks:
You can drive on the sidewalks regardless of what the manual states. Just drive slowly and do not hit any signs, cars, or other objects.
Higher speed:
Begin game play and find a long straightaway. Accelerate until your car is over 100 mph. Release the accelerator (and burn out if in use). Hold the cruise control key to keep speeding up.
"Take A Ride" invincibility:
Play a carnage movie (assuming one was created). After it is completed, play Take A Drive, and you should be invincible (excluding running into buildings).
Ending bonus:
After completing the game, you can drive any car that you drove in the missions, including the truck with the explosives, the taxi, the police car (honk the horn for sirens), and others. You can also access all of the cheats (including the Newcastle Level), but you can only drive the different cars in Take A Drive mode. Additionally, you can play any level in the game.
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