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Enter the Matrix
Release Date: May 15, 2003
Publisher: Atari Games
Genre: Action
ESRB: (T) Teen
Platform: XB  PS2  PC  GC 
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HACKING Enter the Matrix Explained by MIKAEL:
HACKING Enter the Matrix Explained by MIKAEL:
To begin hacking you must have a saved game. Select hacking from the main
menu, select your saved game.

You will see a keyboard to the lower right and a command list to the lower

The command list contains only two options at the moment but it will soon

Select HELP from the list and press enter on the keyboard. As the example
suggests, select HELP then type DIR and press enter.

You'll notice now, that DIR has become an option in your command list. This
happens a lot throughout hacking- you must first type the command, after
that it is available in your command list.

Select DIR then A:
You will be presented with the contents of drive A:
Select DIR, A: SYSTEM. You are given:
To use any of these, simply type them in using your keyboard. After that
they will be available in your command list. DON'T use REBOOT.EXE as it
wipes all your hacking progress.

HELP.EXE, DIR.EXE and EXIT.EXE can be ignored because they are already in
your command list.

CLS is simply a tool to clear your screen of text.

LOGIN.EXE prompts you for a password. You can type GUEST as suggested, or
you can type FREEMIND to hear messages from MORPHEUS. Both gain you entry
into Media Drive B:
Select DIR, A:/TOOLS.
The available tools are
The first two explain themselves when opened. The third is one you'll
probably use most and one we'll discuss later. Type them all so they're in
your command list.
DIR, A:/TEXT shows a list of viewable TXT files. These can be accessed by
choosing READ from the command list, then picking a file.
Of particular interest is the first file named NOTEZ, as it contains a
password for access to a VIRTUAL drive later. That password is FROZENFISH.
Now we can explore the Media drive B:
DIR, B: you are presented with the contents of B:
ID, GUNS and CARS contain images from the game.
FMV contains film clips.
However, you can't access these without the proper viewing TOOLS. So first
You will now be told that TOOLS is locked with a 5 digit binary encryption
This means that the password is 5 digits long and contains only ones and
The password must be guessed, but with each attempt, you are told how close
you were.
The password changes for each save game so you'll have to figure this part
out yourself.

Here's an example of my attempt.
"2 digits correct, 2 in right place"
"5 digits correct, 3 in right place"
"CORRECT" You are now presented with a list of TOOLS for drive B:
VIEW lets you see all .IMG files in B:/ID, GUNS, MAPS and CARS.
PLAY lets you view all .FMV files in B:/FMV

You can only view files that have already been opened or seen in the game
proper. Complete the game for best results!

DROP.EXE enables you to DROP weapons into the game that can be picked up at
drop off points during some levels. To do this, and to see which levels you
can do it on, you must VIEW the MAPS in drive B: Take note of the code in
the lower left corner of the map and input it after selecting DROP from the
command menu.

TRACEKILL.EXE stops any traces that are running on you, but you won't have
any yet.

VIRTUAL.EXE will prompt you for a password, which we now have. FROZENFISH.
An authentication test will start. An image of a Chinese symbol will appear,
but it will be scrambled. The image is broken into 9 squares, and each
square will have five different choices. You must change all the pieces so
that a complete image appears. You have a limited amount of time to do this.
Once you guess a correct image, the timer will stop and you will be taken
back to the hacking screen. Look at the top of the screen. If it says
"Solution: Blue", then the line will be traced and you will have to enter
TRACEKILL and then press enter as fast as possible or all progress will be
lost. Once you enter TRACEKILL, you will have to start back at accessing
VIRTUAL on your command list. However, solve all the symbols, it says
"Solution: Red", then you will hear a message from Neo and get access to the
V Drive.
Select DIR, V:
V: contains:-
ROOT is not accessible yet so
select DIR, V:/TOOLS to be shown
Type ROOTSEARCH.EXE This will eventually give you a password. THISISNOTREAL
Now you can access ROOT. (DIR, V:/ROOT) In ROOT is
Type MAIL.EXE and type the password, (THISISNOTREAL). You are then asked if
you want to read your mail. Type Y then enter.
You will be given a list of phone numbers.
Type DIAL.EXE to enable the DIAL command. Then select DIAL from the command
list, then type the 3rd phone number to hear from Morpheus.
Repeat with the 4th phone number to hear from Trinity. The 1st two numbers
are dummies.
Trinity will tell you to use code 942.
Select DIR, V:/ROOT
Now manually type PORTKEY.EXE
Select PORTKEY from the command options and type 942 after it.
Trinity now contacts you, and gives you a CRACK.EXE file and the code that
goes with it 8RAM.
The CRACK.EXE file appears in DIR, V:/ROOT but there is no need to access it
this way as it is already in your command list now.
Select CRACK then type 8RAM.
The RAM directory can now be accessed via DIR, RAM and it's contents are
listed as:
DIR, RAM:/BIO will tell you the available character BIO. Either NIOBE or
GHOST, depending on who you're playing as. You wont be able to access the
bio from here though.

Similarly with PROG. It tells you available programmes that can be
downloaded. But you can't download them from here. The programme that exists
here is SWORD.DSK.
DIR, RAM:/TRINITY contains:
Manually type READBIO.EXE then select it from the command list to read a BIO
on your character.
Repeat with TRAINING.EXE, allowing you to open SWORD.DSK.
This is really cool as it enables the sword weapon in the in the game!
Now type HANDSHAKE.EXE, this opens up a channel to Sparks on the Logos.
He asks you to run EMP.EXE which can be found via DIR, LOGOS:/SPARKS, but
again this is not necessary as it has automatically appeared in your command
Simply select EMP. Some more text from Sparks and THAT IT!
Hacking complete. If you go back in though, look in DIR, LOGOS:/ART to see
loads of cool concept pics. Just use the VIEW command and scroll down until
you see pic titles starting with LOGOS.
True to his word, Sparks has also unlocked MULTIPLAYER.
Upon completing the game, after the credits roll, a cheat code is given.
Write it down quickly because it doesn't stay for long. (If you missed it,
see the list of codes further down).
Enter this code by selecting CHEAT from the command list, them typing the

When you next load the game, at the level selection screen, you can choose
to enter Sparx's Training Level.
Here is a long corridor with doors on either side. Only one is open at the

It is a firing range. Press the button on the wall and run to the back wall
to pick up some guns. You must prevent the SWAT soldiers from reaching the

I've only managed 17 kills so far but update this post as progression is

Here is list of cheat codes. I don't know if they work because I'm trying to
discover all the codes myself, within the game and through hacking. But if
you don't have the patience..well, enjoy!
Infinite Ammo: 1DDF2556
Maximum Firepower: 0034AFFF
Focus Restored fast: FFF0020A
Unlimited Health: 7F4DF451
Enemies can not See You: FFFFFFF1
Turbo: FF00001A
Infinite Focus: 69E5D9E4
Test Level: 13D2C77F
Multi-Player Fighting: D5C55D1E
Moon Gravity: BB013FFF
Fastest Logos: 7867F443
Taxi Driving: 312MF451
Enemies Can Not hear You: 4516DF45
The One
To get Neo
To get Trinity
To get Morpheus
Multiplayer Mode (complete hacking)
This is the quick way to complete hacking - no other info is included (check
FAQ for full capabilities)
Type any uppercase :
use command list to [READ A:\TEXT\NOTEZ.TXT] this will change the password.
LOGIN, password GUEST, this will open B:
DIR B:\TOOLS, this is locked enter password 10001
VIRTUAL, password FROZENFISH - complete the red puzzle shape, if you get it
wrong and do the blue one, type TRACEKILL to continue (before the timer runs
out)then try again. This will allow access to V:
Use ROOTSEARCH to get password, Use MAIL with password for phone numbers,
use DIAL to call Morpheus on 001 213 555 0142, then call Trinity on 001 310
555 0111.
type PORTKEY 942 to gain direct access to Trinity.
Then CRACK 8RAM, you can know access RAM:
HANDSHAKE, then EMP at Spark's request will shutdown the system with
multiplayer available.
Use the load screen to pick level, keep tapping left to get to multiplayer
mode (pick arena)
The One:
To get Neo

To get Trinity

To get Morpheous
Hacking Engine Tools:
In Hacking engine (which is accessed from the title screen), there are a number of directories and tools that can be useful (such as spawning a weapon within The Matrix.).

CODE: Result
DIR : List files and folders
CLS: Clear the screen of text
HELP : Extended help for a command
TRACEKILL: Kills traces
READ: Read *.txt files
VIEW: View *.img files
PLAY: Play *.fmv files
DROP JXTRR10: Weapon drop at Drainage Canal
DROP PNSRZ10: Weapon drop at North Concourse
DROP RKHMS10: Weapon drop at Airport Tunneld
DROP JDZMT10: Weapon drop at 2nd Floor West (Chateau)
DROP ZKHBD10: Weapon drop at Courtyard (Chateau)
DROP RHFTQ10: Weapon drop at Skyscraper
DROP ZSZQH10: Weapon drop at Warehouse (Chinatown)
DROP JDHQL10: Weapon drop at Transformer Field (power plant)
DROP B1AXXF2: Weapon drop at 2nd Floor PO Boxes
Various Cheats:
Go into the hacking system, and proceed to the cheats menu. Enter these numeric codes to unlock the corresponding function:

All weapons and max firepower: 0034AFFF
Bonus test level: 13D2C77F
Double movement speed: FF00001A
Enemies do not detect you: 0034AFFF
Enemies do not hear you: FFFFFFF1
Faster Logos flight speed: 7867F443
Infinite ammo: 1DDF2556
Infinite focus: 69E5D9E4
Invisibility: 1DDF2556
Infinite health: 4516DF45
Low gravity: BB013FFF
Multiplayer fighting: D5C55D1E
Silent Mode: FFF0020A
Taxi driving: D5C55D1E
Turbo mode: 7F4DF451
Various Phone Numbers:
Morpheus Message:
In the Hacking engine, instead of using "GUEST", you can LOGIN as FREEMIND or COWBOYCURTIS to hear a message from Morpheus.
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