SWAT 4 for the PC

  1. SWAT 4

    Publisher: VU Games

    Developer: Irrational Games

    Release Date: April 5, 2005

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Game Screens

  • SWAT 4
  • SWAT 4
  • SWAT 4
  • SWAT 4

Game Summary

Within the city, crisis and turmoil are an everyday, every second occurrence. When ordinary means of law enforcement are not an option, there is a group that is called upon to dole out justice to those that believe they are above the law. This highly-regarded and specially trained unit is SWAT. In SWAT 4, you are the element leader of an authentic Special Weapons and Tactics team within the big city where danger looms large.

From intense hostage situations to Homeland Security threats, your SWAT team will tactically command each and every situation differently where a split second mistake could lead to failure.

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Game Detail

Today's GU Rank: 227 of 40991
North America: SWAT 4 Release Date US Release: April 5, 2005
Platforms: PC

Game Rating

Story 7.7 Overall Rating
Graphics 7.7
Music/Sound 7.6
Gameplay 7.8
Ratings Count 11 Rate Game
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