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North America: Fatal Inertia Release Date US Release:
Platforms: X360 PS3
Fatal Inertia
Publisher: KOEI Corporation
Developer: KOEI Corporation
Release Date:
Game Summary
SynopsisA brave new form of racing has taken the world by storm by the middle of the 22nd century. With a combination of rally races, demolition derbies and high-performance aeronautics, the action is fast, violent and intense. Drivers command gravity-defying vehicles that leave old-fashioned speedways behind the untamed wilderness is now the place where races occur. Prepare for futuristic thrills that take you through canyons, forests and ice fields and more than 500 miles per hour.Fatal Inertia is more than just a test of speed; you must overcome the mental and physical punishment of low-altitude combat maneuvering. Each race craft is armed with unconventional weapons that manipulate velocity, force and time, including heavy magnets that impact speed, handling, balance and drag. Customize your machine with more than 1.3 million customization combinations plus 15,000 performance combinations. With awesome single-player and online multiplayer options, 16 racing series and six distinct racing environments, Fatal Inertia blasts you into the future with sizzling speed and outrageous action.

Fatal Inertia for the PlayStation 3 - Fatal Inertia (PlayStation 3 Game)
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