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Playstation Complete Game List
Playstation Complete Game List
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Release Date
F1 2000 Driving 02/29/2000
F1 Championship '99 Driving 10/12/2000
F1 Championship Season 2000 Driving 09/30/2000
F1 Racing Championship Driving 10/11/2000
F1 World Grand Prix Driving 11/30/1999
F1 World Grand Prix 2000 Driving TBA
FA Manager Sports TBA
Fade to Black Action 06/24/1996
Family Card Game Fun Pack Puzzle 09/26/2002
Family Feud Puzzle 10/16/2000
Family Game Pack Action 03/14/2000
Family Mahjong 2 Action TBA
Fantastic Four Action 09/30/1997
Farland Story: Yottsu no Fuuin RPG TBA
Fatal Fury: Wild Ambition Action 11/30/1999
Fear Effect Adven. 01/31/2000
Fear Effect 2: Retro Helix Adven. 02/21/2001
FEDA 2: White Surge the Platoon Strategy TBA
Felony 11-79 Driving 08/31/1997
FIFA '98: Road to the World Cup Sports TBA
FIFA 2000 Sports 10/09/1999
FIFA 2001 Major League Soccer Sports 11/14/2000
FIFA 2003 Sports 11/11/2002
FIFA 99 Sports 11/30/1998
FIFA Soccer '96 Sports TBA
FIFA Soccer 2002 Sports 11/01/2001
FIFA Soccer 2004 Sports 11/04/2003
FIFA Soccer 2005 Sports 10/12/2004
FIFA Soccer 97 Sports 11/30/1996
FIFA: World Cup '98 Sports TBA
Fighter Maker Action 05/31/1999
Fighters' Impact Action 03/31/1997
Fighting Force Action 10/31/1997
Fighting Force 2 Action 11/30/1999
Final Doom Action TBA 1995
Final Fantasy RPG TBA
Final Fantasy Anthology RPG 09/30/1999
Final Fantasy Anthology (PAL) RPG TBA
Final Fantasy Chronicles RPG 06/29/2001
Final Fantasy Collection RPG TBA
Final Fantasy II RPG TBA
Final Fantasy IV RPG TBA
Final Fantasy IX RPG 11/13/2000
Final Fantasy Origins RPG 04/08/2003
Final Fantasy Tactics Strategy 01/28/1998
Final Fantasy V RPG TBA
Final Fantasy VI RPG TBA
Final Fantasy VII RPG 09/03/1997
Final Fantasy VIII RPG 09/07/1999
Fire Prowrestling G Adven. 06/30/1999
Firo and Klawd Action 10/31/1996
Fisherman's Bait 2: Big Ol' Bass Sports 11/24/1999
Fisherman's Bait 3 Sports TBA
Fisherman's Bait: A Bass Challenge Sports 01/31/1999
Floating Runner Action TBA 1996
Fluid Action TBA
Ford Racing Driving 03/06/2001
Ford Truck Mania Driving 09/16/2003
Formation Soccer '97: The Road to France Sports TBA
Formula 1 Driving 09/30/1996
Formula 1 2001 Driving TBA
Formula 1 98 Driving 11/30/1998
Formula 1 Championship Driving TBA 1997
Formula 1 Championship Edition Driving 09/30/1997
Formula Karts Special Edition Driving TBA
Formula One 2000 Driving TBA
Formula One 99 Driving 10/31/1999
Forsaken Action 04/30/1998
Fox Hunt Adven. 09/30/1996
Fox Sports Golf '99 Sports 06/30/1998
Fox Sports Soccer 99 Sports 06/30/1998 Micro Maniacs Racing Driving 10/05/2000
Frank Thomas Big Hurt Baseball Sports 06/05/1996
Freestyle Boardin' '99 Sports 02/28/1999
Frenzy! Action TBA
Frogger Puzzle 09/30/1997
Frogger 2: Swampy's Revenge Puzzle 10/10/2000
From TV Animation: One Piece Grand Battle! Action TBA
Front Mission 1st Strategy TBA
Front Mission 3 Strategy 02/29/2000
Front Mission Alternative Strategy TBA
Front Mission Second Strategy TBA
Future Cop: LAPD 2100 Action 08/31/1998
Future Racer Driving TBA