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Today's GU Rank: 2710 of 40982
North America: Grand Theft Auto Release Date US Release: June 30, 1998
Platforms: PSX PC GBC GBA
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Grand Theft Auto
Developer: DMA Design
Release Date: June 30, 1998
Game Summary
Grand Theft Auto places you in the role of a common street thug whose job it is to carry out the will of ruthless crime bosses. Stealing cars and settling drug deals are just some of your dirty tasks as you run, gun, steal, and drive through three different crime-infested cities. Fail and you get cussed out by your superiors. Succeed and you rise through the ranks of the organization, get more respect, and tackle tougher missions. Still, through it all, you play an evil criminal who kills random folks for dishonorable people. This is definitely not a game for kids or the easily insulted.