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Hoshigami: Ruining Blue Earth
Release Date: December 18, 2001
Publisher: Atlus Co.
Developer: Max Five
Genre: Strategy
Platform: PSX 
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Visitor Score
Story: 8.5
Graphics: 8.0
Sound: 8.0
GamePlay: 7.7
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5 Stars
By: Narumi
June 2, 2003 
No Title
The story was pretty well writen. I like the characters personalities.
5 Stars
By: Liz .D
June 2, 2003 
No Title
I think the main Character is wacky. No f-ence. But Fazz is pretty good. I like Tinn. Mainly because she is a girl.
5 Stars
By: Dayna
June 2, 2003 
No Title
Like Ann said it is what you really would expect. But it is mainly one of the only PS1 games I own. I'm picky about my games.
5 Stars
By: L. Therin
February 19, 2003 
No Title
The story is very interesting with multiple endings. don't want to spoil the game.
4 Stars
By: Ann
November 20, 2002 
No Title
The story is OK, it something you'll expect an tactical game to have.
5 Stars
By: A . J .
April 16, 2002 
No Title
The story is pretty typical of strategy RPG's. Your main character is FAZZ. A weird name but obviously changable. There is some depth and the story is very interesting but...
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