Fable for the Xbox

  1. Fable

    Publisher: Microsoft Game Studios

    Developer: Big Blue Box

    Release Date: September 14, 2004

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Game Summary

SynopsisCreate your own life story that takes you from birth, through childhood, through adulthood and all the way to death. Choose the path your character will follow and watch as each decision has consequences and influences future happenings. Walk the path of goodness and become a leading hero or turn to the side of evil and live a life of wickedness.Fable is a roleplaying adventure that puts you in charge of deciding your character's skills, appearance, reputation and more. Watch as muscles expand with each feat of strength and skin tans from exposure to the sunlight. Earn battle scars that stay with you for life and lines of experience that appear as you age. Build your own legend and see where life takes you.

Game Detail

Today's GU Rank: 195 of 40991
North America: Fable Release Date US Release: September 14, 2004
Platforms: XB

Game Rating

Story 9.0 Overall Rating
Graphics 9.1
Music/Sound 9.0
Gameplay 9.2
Ratings Count 368 Rate Game
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