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Today's GU Rank: 274 of 40941
North America: Sudeki Release Date US Release: July 20, 2004
Japan: Sudeki Release Date JP Release: November 16, 2006
Platforms: XB PC
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Developer: Climax
Release Date: July 20, 2004
Game Summary
A sultry wizardress …a soaring gunslinger …a powerful swordsman …a dark huntress. These four heroes are about to be hurtled over the edge into a flight filled with darkness. Sudeki will push the limits of what you think an RPG can be, with bigger worlds, more powerful heroes, and sexier heroines—all wrapped up in Hong Kong-style cinematic combat. And, all of this is only possible on Xbox. Set in a world ripped apart by deceit, the heroes of Sudeki journey down a twisting path of betrayal, gravity-defying combat, and unbelievable magic. All they can rely on is themselves. No one is to be trusted. No one is to be spared.
Sudeki for the Xbox - Sudeki (Xbox Game)
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