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North America: Doom II Release Date US Release: October 28, 2002
ESRB: (T) Teen
Platforms: Zodiac GBA
Doom II
Publisher: Activision, Inc.
Developer: Torus Games
Release Date: October 28, 2002
Game Summary
The sequel to the most immersive 3-D action-shooter of all time is now on GameBoy Advance. Created by game pioneers id Software and brought to the GBA by Torus Games, Doom II: Hell on Earth is the complete classic shooter. This time, players battle nastier, mightier and even deadlier demons. Earth's only remaining ground spaceport is in danger. The success or failure of this mission will mark humanity's salvation or extinction, only the skill and battle-hardened will of the Space Marine can decide its fate. There are new, more powerful weapons tohelp players to blast their way through all of the original levels from the classic PC phenomenon.