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North America: TMNT Release Date US Release: March 20, 2007
Platforms: X360 Wii PSP PS3 PS2 PC GC GBA DS
TMNT Box shot / Cover Art
Publisher: Ubisoft
Developer: Ubisoft Montreal
Release Date: March 20, 2007
Game Summary
New York City is being plagued with attacks from strange creatures, while fast-moving shadows watch the citizens from every corner. It's up to the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles to discover if the wealthy and mysterious Max Winters has anything to do with the new problems facing the city. The Turtles need to unite against the odds, setting aside sibling rivalries and coming together as a family. Join Leonardo, Raphael, Donatello and Michelangelo as they fight to find the truth about these strange occurrences and restore unity and discipline to their family. Extend the experience of the CGI movie with this action-packed game. Play as all four Turtles, each with unique acrobatic moves, weapons and combat skills. Intense ninja fighting with the four characters will have you attacking carefully with Leonardo, using Donatello's bow staff to reach distant enemies, slashing quickly with Michelangelo's nunchuks and directly attacking with Raphael's sai punches. Jump from rooftop to rooftop, scale tall buildings, dive into sewers and more as you race around the city to confront enemies. Your foes come from the CGI movie and from the original comic book series, from the Purple Dragon Street Gang to the Foot Clan. Team up the Turtles for unique tag team moves and to reach areas unattainable alone.
TMNT for the Game Boy Advance - TMNT (Game Boy Advance Game)
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