Paper Mario

Paper Mario Game Cheats & Hints

Get Watt:
When your inside Shy Guys Toybox, you will end up going against a monster with a lantern. Once you beat him, break open the lantern, and out will come Watt! She will then join your party!
Get Through Forever Forest:
In each different section (after you past a branch) use Goombario's tattle power and he will give you clues to what you have to look for (it's really easy that way).
Get Sushie:
Once your at Yoshi Village, go into the jungle(Once the yoshi kids are lost.) Then, soon will meet Sushie, who is stuck in a tree. Use your hammer to pound her out, and she will the join your party!
Get Parrykarry:
When you go to Mt. Rugged, you will come across the mail carrying Paratroopa named Parakarry. Look for his three lost letters, and return them to him. When you do, he will join your party!
Infinite Health:
Go to the place where there are these blue poles, it will look like one of them is following you, run around it and hearts pop out! Behind another one is a honey syrup.
Get Bow:
When you are at Forever Forest, go to the Boo Mansion, and get to the third floor inside the mansion. There, you will meet Bow the ghost. She will join your party!
Secret Panel:
Go to the entrance of Forever Forest Gate. Do a super slam in the middle of the yard, and a square will pop up and go back down. Slam on the square and a star piece will appear.
Get Bombette:
Go to the Koopa Bros. hideout, and fall for the Yellow Koopa brother's trap (yellow block) and you will fall down. You will be in a cell with bomb-ombs. Talk to the pink one, and and talk to her a second time, and she will join your party!
The answer to the Bowser Door Questions:
"3", "Red", "Red", "2", "4".
Get Goombario:
Go to Goomba Village and find the grandpa goomba when he has fallen off the balcony of his house. After that, you will receive the hammer. When you go back to the village with the grandpa goomba, Goombario will join your party!
Get Lakilester:
When you are at Flower Fields, give the water stone back to Lily, and then, you must have the sun shine again. When you find a huge tower, the sun will be at the top. The sun thinks that there is no way you will be able to it shine again. When you leave the tower, and walk back, you will encounter Lakilester. He will fight you, and when you beat him, his girlfriend will come along and defend him. He will then join your party!
Get Kooper:
Go to Koopa Village, and go to the Green House in the far side of the village. Chase the monster and get his shell back. He will then join your party!
Secret Playground:
To get to the secret playground go to the place in town were you can get lil' onks. When you first enter the "square" turn left on to a narrow passage. Hammer the tree there and a swich will fall out, hit the swich to make the pipe to the playground will appear.

Game Detail

Today's GU Rank: 39 of 40991
North America: Paper Mario Release Date US Release: February 5, 2001
Platforms: Wii N64

Game Rating

Story 9.2 Overall Rating
Graphics 8.5
Music/Sound 9.0
Gameplay 9.3
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