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North America: Halo 2 Release Date US Release: May 31, 2007
Platforms: XB PC
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Halo 2 Box shot / Cover Art
Developer: Bungie Software
Release Date: May 31, 2007
Game Summary
The onslaught of the Covenant, an army of evil alien insurgents determined to destroy Earth's once-insurmountable interstellar empire, wages on. In this sequel to the wildly popular Halo: Combat Evolved, you'll assume the role of Master Chief, a genetically engineered super soldier who has been elected to abolish the bad guys. You're the only thing standing between the Covenant's sinister objective and the extinction of humankind. Are you strong enough to curtail the Covenant from jeopardizing the future of your home planet? This sci-fi shooter installment of the famed Halo series includes all the features you've been begging for. Enrich the Halo 2 experience with all-new graphics, destructible environments and locations, weaponry, vehicles and awesome support for user-created content that you can share online. Changes to the multiplayer modes have been amped up dramatically, providing even more destructive online fun.