Complete GameCube Game List

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Game Title Release Date
R: Racing Evolution 12/09/2003
Radio Allergy
Rally Championship 07/30/2003
Rally Fusion: Race of Champions
Rampage: Total Destruction 04/24/2006
Ratatouille 06/26/2007
Rave Master 03/08/2005
Raven Blade
Rayman 3: Hoodlum Havoc 03/02/2003
Rayman Arena 09/24/2002
Red Faction II 03/31/2003
RedCard 20-03 06/24/2002
Reign of Fire 11/26/2002
Resident Evil 04/30/2002
Resident Evil 0 11/10/2002
Resident Evil 10th Anniversary Collection 10/24/2006
Resident Evil 2 01/16/2003
Resident Evil 3: Nemesis 01/15/2003
Resident Evil 4 01/11/2005
Resident Evil Code: Veronica X 12/03/2003
Ribbit King 06/08/2004
Road Rash: Jailbreak
Road Trip: Arcade Edition 05/15/2004
RoadKill 10/30/2003
Robotech: Battlecry 10/27/2002
Robots 02/24/2005
Rocket Power: Beach Bandits 09/24/2002
Rocky 11/17/2002
Rogue Ops 10/29/2003
Room Zoom 03/15/2005
RTX Red Rock
Rugrats: Royal Ransom 11/27/2002
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